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Nov 23, 2012 2:30pm PST
have been able to touch so many people. the kid's a collection was adopted by the state of florida to teach african american history to 3.6 million kids. we have a curriculum, k-12. each year, we do more. we have an ipad app coming out in january. it is amazing, because we keep touching these points. with the exception of "america i am," we don't know of anybody else trying to do it quite like this. failure is a four-lane highway, success is under construction. we are under construction and we are driving this thing and we want to build this highway. tavis: as we have been talking, our director, jonathan, has been flashing through some of the items in the collection. give the audience some sense of the collection. there is a whole book, obviously, but in terms of the kind of artifacts. you have paintings, you have -- >> paintings, books, manuscripts, documents, going back to the 1600's. tavis: you have a combination. >> we have a combination, and bernard has been an historian and the family for a number of years. for me, i always wanted to know when friends were coming into my house a
Nov 8, 2012 2:30pm PST
independents. the perfect guy may be marco rubio. latin, florida, changing state to appeal, young. he is conservative but he has to appeal to latinos, he might be the answer. can he win the primaries? will he win the primaries? tavis: to your point -- he was lacking something for romney. romney could have taken the guy and he did not. >> romney went to ryan. a tea party year. -- partier. i will give you my campaign in 2016 if they pick them. in 1992, follow this closely, folks. clinton ran against bush. and defeated him largely due to ross perot. tavis: on the larry king program, the debate. >> in 2016, clinton against bush. hillary and jeb. now that already we are thinking 2016, that would be a campaign. the question is can jeb bush win the primaries? tavis: that is funny. >> can he be a strong candidate? absolutely. that would be a hell of race. tavis: you think hillary should run? >> if i were an adviser i would hope she would run. i -- we are ready for a woman president on either take it. we have had a certain point where the clintons, clinton helped elect obama. obama called
Nov 7, 2012 1:00am EST
now. allen west in florida is trailing narrowly by about a thousand votes with just a couple percent not yet counted and michele bachmann is up by a margin like that, just a bare narrow lead in a very tight race in minnesota. so we're keeping an eye on that and if both of them were not in the house, i wonder whether that would change the tone of the entire body. i'm not sure. >> and bachmann's seat was redrawn to make it slightly more safe for republicans in redistricting. so that's interesting. we were surprised when we were looking at that, particularly given how much money and effort the republicans put into minnesota at the last minute at the presidential level. >> that's right. and right now it seems to be looking as if the democrats are going to gain somewhere between four and ten seats. >> ifill: some of the president's top staff are walking into the hall at mccormick place. i just saw jack lou, the president's chief of staff and jay carney, the president's press secretary. the entourage has arrived and they're ready to join the party. >> woodruff: as we watch this, can i just
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)